Technology & Equipment


Blowholes at the cylinder block head surface are shown by markers. Blowholes may be built up by argon welding or removed by entire surface boring. In the first case the head may be strongly deformed by heat deformation. In the second case boring must be very deep and there is the limit of boring depth.

The way out is simple. Use DYMET. It is much more quick and of the best quality. There are only another color spots at the surface after grinding.

There is crack coming out from the cooling channel at the surface (it is already bored at the picture).

At this picture the crack is already sprayed, coated, removed Ц what is correct ? The matter is the same, there is no defect now. The cylinder block head material is aluminum alloy.

It is more convenient and quick to spray K-20-11 powder, but spot color is gray. There is no color difference when powder K-80-13 is sprayed. *AS*