Technology & Equipment


No one knows what the road the fire-brigade has chosen, but the fire-engine met the problem on that road. The cylinder block demonstrates huge hole.

To turn round this 100 kg engine is a hard work. Will spray only outside.

Close the hole by steel 1.5 mm plate.

The form and size of the plate has no meaning. It only should be closely applied to the wall.

The plate must be strongly fixed. Drill the holes in the wall.

Make a screw in the plate and fix it.

The wall thickness is about 7 mm. Use additional aluminum plate to add the strength and save powder.

Spray to the deep slits at temperature setting "4", use "3" to spray to smoothed surface. Powder K-01-11 is typically used for such a work, K-20-11 was added this time. The powder type is unimrortant for the engine operation temperature range. The cast irom must be abrasive blasted before spraying.

The fire-brigade driver is worried about the reliability but not about the external view of the engine. So spray for sure 1.5 - 2 mm above the aluminum plate and finish the operation. Nearly 250 g of powder was spent.