Technology & Equipment


The temperature setting must be reduced for the coating spraying to the glass because of overheating causes the crack in the glass.

Do not try to create very thick coatings at the glass. The layer of thickness more then 0.5 mm may cause the glass damage under the coating.

Because of the high adhesion the coating does not delaminate but tear off with the piece of glass.

The correctly sprayed coating for soldering must have thickness not more then 0.5 mm and consists of the aluminum sublayer

and copper layer. The copper is soldered with low temperature solder.

To spray aluminum sublayer powder K-20-10 is used, for very small areas powder K-10-00 is used.
To spray main copper layer powder K-03-10 is used, for very small areas powder K-01-00 is used.
Powder K-03-10 may be used without aluminum sublayer on the glass, but adhesion becomes 5 Ц 8 times less. *AS*